Posted by: Jesse Clark   Last Updated: 1 year ago

I need a roommate to find a property.


LEASE FOR SALE AT THE FACTORY!!! MANHATTAN LEASE!! Photos included above. Contact: Sheven Andersen 208-541-4140 Jesse Clark: 435-590-9761 Not in need of roomates or property. My friend and I both purchased leases at the factory. It is a super sweet place, with a 24/7 weight room, outdoor hot tub, game room, and really nice bedrooms. Our group of friends found a different place that they wanted everyone to live at and now due to that we have to sell the factory leases. We are super sad to let them go! We have the Manhattan floor plan ( for 2 spaces (MALE). We can sell these two leases either individually, or it is perfect for two males looking to room together next year! Rent is $410 a month plus $65 a month utilities. There is a security deposit of $250 like most places have. For the setup you get this is honestly an amazing deal. Feel free to text us for more info!