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I have a property and need a roommate.

I don't need a roommate, but I have a contract I no longer need. It's a shared room, there is a laundry room, a kitchen, and a common area on each floor. I lived there last semester and it's very socially active. There are workout rooms, music practice rooms, firepits, a movie theater, and a volleyball pit. It's next to the Junction. I loved living there! Phone: 801-739-6968 Email:

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I need a roommate to find a property.

LEASE FOR SALE AT THE FACTORY!!! MANHATTAN LEASE!! Photos included above. Contact: Sheven Andersen 208-541-4140 Jesse Clark: 435-590-9761 Not in need of roomates or property. My friend and I both purchased leases at the factory. It is a super sweet place, with a 24/7 weight room, outdoor hot tub, game room, and really nice bedrooms. Our group of friends found a different place that they wanted everyone to live at and now due to that we have to sell the factory leases. We are super sad to let them go! We have the Manhattan floor plan ( for 2 spaces (MALE). We can sell these two leases either individually, or it is perfect for two males looking to room together next year! Rent is $410 a month plus $65 a month utilities. There is a security deposit of $250 like most places have. For the setup you get this is honestly an amazing deal. Feel free to text us for more info!

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I have a property and need a roommate.

I signed the summer lease at D's Bridgerland and ended up finding something better suited to my needs. The summer contract costs $625 and includes utilities. I love living at Bridgerland (I will be back in the Fall, in fact), but I needed something else for summer. Contact me (preferably by text) at 435-201-4339 if you are interested! Details: Male contract - Summer 2019 Shared bedroom Full amenities Laundry facilities on site Amazing neighbors and fun environment

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I have a property and need a roommate.

I am selling my contract for Summer 2019 as I no longer need it. I have the master bedroom with a private bathroom and walk in closet. I have two other room mates, one of which is also looking to sell his contract for the summer. I am willing to sell all my furniture very cheaply which includes a queen size bed, desk, nightstands, a mini fridge and other things. I also am willing to leave my couches and tables in the kitchen and living room. The apartments are a 5 minute walk to the innovation campus bus stop, and less than a 5 minute drive to campus and walmart. If you are interested or have any questions please let me know or contact me at 678-612-6922 or by email at

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I have a property and need a roommate.

I am selling my oakridge apartments contract for the fall of 2019. Message me if you re interested in buying it. My number is 520-338-0438

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I have a property and need a roommate.

Kampus Korner Mens Shared Contract (Spring Semester) - Shared Room with own bathroom - microwave, fireplace, deck, dishwasher, fridge, vacuum, furnished. - UNDERGROUND PARKING - 5 roommates who are all very clean and chill. I paid 100+ for parking but i'll throw that in for free. It's 1500 (375 a month) a semester without counting parking or utilities. Excellent place to live but, I'm from Logan and have a relative that my family would like me to move in with and take care of so I'm selling my contract for way cheap. I'm willing to sell my contract for $250 a month. It's done in one payment of $500 + direct deposit and free parking! Text or email me. 435-232-8878 and

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I have a property and need a roommate.

Kampus Korner Womens Private Room Contract (Spring Semester) -Private room -Private bathroom -microwave, fireplace, deck, dishwasher, fridge, vacuum, furnished. -underground parking -Amazing roommates -3 roommates Normally you pay $75 extra for the parking. I will include it for free for you. Total for the semester is normally $1875 (460 per month) so you total for the rest of the semester will be $550 (275 per month) $200 deposit fee (Payments are not month to month. They are done it 1 big payment which would only be $550 for you +the deposit fee) Send me a text message if you are interested. 801-850-1707

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I have a property and need a roommate.

Shared room in the basement of a cute red brick house located just below old main. The house is called the Nottingham Brick house and is located on 534N and 600E. There are only 2 other roommates so there is tons of storage and space. Wifi and laundry included plus private parking space. Apartment was just renovated in 2018 and is fully furnished. Spacious kitchen and living room. This is a Apartment is very nice and cheap. I pay $232.77 a month but I am willing to negotiate on price. Utilities are not included but run around $20-50 a month. I've loved living here, the apartment is cheap, nice, and spacious and my roommates are super nice and fun. But I'm going on a study abroad starting in March so I'm selling my contract. Apartment is ready to move into now! Lease is for the spring semester and ends in May. Please contact me for more details!! Call or text (435) 890-7714