Posted by: Jessica   Last updated: 2 days ago

I have a property and need a roommate.

I currently live in a Blue Square building B studio on the 4th floor. I need to pass on my contract for spring semester to another person. The price for this room is $3,900 per semester. This room has a full kitchen included, so no meal plan required. Even a dishwasher. It’s a studio so no roommates! Kitchen, bathroom, walk in closet, everything is all yours! It’s right across from the elevator and free laundry room, no need to walk far for them. Did I mention about the access to Blue Squares’ hot tub you’ll have? It’s a great way to relax after tests or a stressful day! There’s also a lounge with many different activities to play in building A next door you have access too. Floor Plan: Please feel free to email, call or text me with any questions you have. :) Thanks! or 801-884-2154

Posted by: Rilee   Last updated: 2 days ago

I have a property and need a roommate.

I am selling my on-campus housing contract for spring semester! The $250 deposit fee will also be included. I can sell this contract to a boy or girl looking to live on campus, as long as you haven't signed up for on campus housing yet. The great thing about this contract is you can choose to live anywhere you want on campus! However, if you choose to live in Bullen Hall there will be a secure spot. I currently live in Bullen Hall, which is a fun and friendly environment. The room has 3 shared bedrooms, a full kitchen and bathroom, tons of storage, and great neighbors! Living on campus has been very nice-many things are taken care of for you, and it is a quick walk to get to class or the library. The price for Bullen Hall is $1550, but again, this contract can be used for a male or female anywhere on campus. Contact me for more information at or 801-783-7867.

Posted by: Sam   Last updated: 3 days ago

I have a property and need a roommate.

I'm leaving so I have to sell my LLC contract for Spring 2018 Semester. I have a shared male room, on the 3rd floor of building B in the LLC. It is super convenient to the Taggart Center and everywhere on campus. I have awesome roommates and hate to leave. If you are interested in buying my contract, please call: 303-912-2393. THANKS!

Posted by: Abby   Last updated: 4 days ago

I have a property and need a roommate.

I am selling my off-campus contract for a shared bedroom! My shared bedroom roommate is absolutely amazing (she goes snowboarding like everyday) and all of the other girls are so fun too. You would have an amazing spring semester living with them! It's in the Pineview Apartments, so 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an updated living room. Pool and hot tub included and a laundry room downstairs! Text me for more details or if you're interested (480)-200-8335 !!

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I have a property and need a roommate.

I live in the LLC. I’m moving off campus for the spring semester and need to sell my contract ASAP. My roommate is pretty clean and really sweet. There are 8 girls total in the room including you! It is super close to the TSC and within walking distance of all the classes. Email me if you have any questions!

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I need a roommate to find a property.

My roommate and I are selling our on-campus contracts to anybody!! The way it works is you call the housing place to see what the options are for on-campus housing and then when you find a room you want you will sign my contract and that room is yours!! It's super confusing but I promise it's right!!! Call or Text Mariah (435) 429-4155 for more information!!

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I have a property and need a roommate.

We have 2 USU on campus housing contracts available to either males/females!! You can choose where to live anywhere on campus from what’s available!! Dm or text me if you’re interested or if you want more information!!! (435)429-4155

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I have a property and need a roommate.

I have lived at the LLC for the fall semester and I am moving off campus for the 2018 Spring semester and need to sell my contract. It is a large shared room and my roommate is awesome. He is respectful of when I am trying to sleep and is very clean. The other roommates are very outgoing and will enjoy hanging out with you. They are all nice and respect everyones space and schedules. I have enjoyed it so far but I am moving off campus for the next semester. The contract is $1840 and you will need to buy a meal plan of your choice. It is right next to the institute building and the TCS. Very close to classes and food. Email me at or call or text 208-589-5306